(Mian) Depression Coach: Psychoeducation

What Is Depression?


You may not presently feel as though you are able to get much done or that you are always tired and lack motivation. You also may be waiting to feel better or think more positively before you become more active and start participating in activities that once brought you pleasure. As you know, however, getting yourself to feel better is not an easy thing to do.

"Just Doing It": Behavioral Activation

Therefore, we’d like you to try something different. The idea of the treatment we are about to begin is that your thoughts and feelings are affected by your interactions with others and your overall quality of life. So, we believe that for you to have more positive thoughts and to feel better, you must first become more active and put yourself into more positive situations. This treatment is known as behavioral activation.

Although this will be quite difficult right now, it will become easier as more and more positive experiences occur. The treatment requires you to work hard, and I understand that you may be questioning your ability to make changes at this time in your life, but we will help you through this process, and we will work at a pace at which you feel comfortable.




Module 1

Why exposure: The Anxiety/OCD Cycle Module