How To Do Activities: Overview

Now that you have created your own personal Depression Spiral, and ranked the symptoms you need to work on, we are going to learn how to identify and do activities to maximize your chance of success. One way we can do it is to frame the activity and imagine our obstacles.

This is known as a WOOP plan - we start with a Wish, identify our Outcome, identify our Obstacle, and make a Plan for it.


Step 1:

Relax. Take a quiet moment and find the most comfortable position you can find.


Step 2:

Area. Which domain would you like to work on? Health Habits, Personal Mastery or Social Activities?


Step 3:

Wish. Set up an activity that you wish to do in that realm. Look at your activity list that you have just created. Type it in the space below.


Step 4:

Outcome. What would be the best thing, the best outcome about being able to complete this activity? How would it make you feel? In 3-7 words, type it in the space below.


Step 5:

Imagine. Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine this outcome. Imagine it fully.


Step 6:

Your Obstacle. In 3-7 words, what is it within you that holds you back from fulfilling this activity? What stands in your way? What is your main inner obstacle? For many of us, it may be our lack of motivation, lack of energy, and low mood.


Step 7:

Imagine. Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine this obstacle. Imagine it fully, and the pain that it causes you.


Step 8:

Plan. What can you do to overcome your obstacle? Name one action (from your activity list) or a thought that you can think of to overcome your obstacle.


Step 9:

Your Plan: If <populate obstacle>, then I will <do activity>.


Step 10:

Repeat Your Plan. Repeat your plan by saying it out loud a few times.


You have completed a plan to do an activity! Here is your summary:


Your Wish:

Your best Outcome:

Your Inner Obstacle:

Your Plan: If ________, then I will _________.


<Download your WOOP>